The island of Skopelos

If relaxation, natural beauty and local character play a key role in your ideal vacation, Skopelos is the center of attention. A city-painting, with narrow alleys and neoclassical architecture that deify it.

Skopelos, star in the musical Mamma Mia, which made her famous everywhere. Protagonist in your holidays as well, which will have more than... a happy ending!

Pine trees... in the Aegean

Here your holidays are colored green and blue. Skopelos is covered by forests by 80%. Sea and pines become one. Milia, Panormos, Elios, Velanio, Glysteri, Agnontas, Pethameni, Armenopetra, Andrines: beaches embraced by pine trees with their beauty, coolness and shade. Loutraki, the second port of Skopelos has been built on the ruins of ancient Selinounda. It got the name Loutraki from the Roman baths that operated here.