Pagasetic Gulf

The Pagasetic Gulf is a relatively closed and shallow sea formed between the main Greek peninsula and the Pelion peninsula.

Pagasitikos gulf has an area of 175 square kilometers and has a maximum depth of about 102 meters. The opening (entrance) of the gulf is limited to the south, towards the Euboean Gulf and the Aegean Sea, between Cape Trikeri, of Magnesia, (east), and Cape Stavros of the northeastern land strip of Fthiotida (west), maintaining an opening of only 4 km .

Beaches of Pagasetic Gulf

The beaches of Pelion, both on the Aegean Sea side and on the Pagasitikos side, are famous for their clear blue waters, and many have been awarded a blue flag by the European Union.

There are beaches for all tastes. Quiet or secular. With sand or pebbles. From the Pagasitikos Gulf side, you can choose to swim in the following places:

Kato Lechonia

Leaving Volos and Agria, it is the first beach you will come across. Just 10 km. from Volos on the coastal road to Pelion. Bathing here is combined with coffee or a drink as there are several suggestions for entertainment.

Kato Gatzea

It is the port of Ano Gatzea, which is built a little higher. The beach is located in front of the settlement of the same name and has sand with fine pebbles.

Sikia (Fig tree)

Δίπλα σχεδόν από τον οικισμό της Κάτω Γατζέα, βρίσκεται η παραλία της Συκιάς. Χαρακτηριστικό της τα δέντρα που φτάνουν μέχρι την παραλία και προσφέρουν σκιά στους λουόμενους.


Small beach in the settlement of the same name.

Kala Nera

One of the most famous beaches on the Pagasitikos Gulf side. Organized fairly long sandy beach of 20x m. from Volos. There are sunbeds and many places to eat, drink and stay.

Koropi (alt name Boufa)

Boufa is the largest beach of Pelion and is located between Kala Nera and Afisso. It gathers many vacationers every year.

It has very clear waters, golden sand, several trees on its edge and is only 25km. from the city of Volos.


In the well-known tourist resort of Afissos, there are several beaches, the most famous of which are Abovos beach, Lagoudi, Kalifteri, Agia Efthymia, Razi, etc. Most have fine sand and crystal clear waters. Abovos and Kalifteri are organized beaches with water sports and are located in a green landscape. Lagoudi beach is quieter and pebbled. Characteristic are the trees above the beach that offer shade and coolness in the summer. Razi beach also has no organization. But it is very quiet and clean.


Beautiful, quiet beach with sand and fine pebbles. The rich vegetation of the area reaches all the way to the sea and presents very beautiful images to the visitor. It is 33 kilometers from Volos.

Kalamos Beach

In front of the holiday settlement of Kalamos, about 45 kilometers from Volos, is the beautiful, calm beach of the settlement. It has no organization.

Paou Beach

In a calm environment, a little North of Horto is the beautiful Pau beach, which is not visible from the main road. Access is via Argalasti.

Trikeri - Beaches

They are located on the islet of Palio Trikeri. Here stands out the beach of Prasini Ammos with crystal clear waters (30 minutes from the port). The same beautiful scenery is repeated on the beaches of Afetka (where an old and now abandoned hotel dominates) and Agios Georgios. These two wonderful beaches are also approached from the monastery of Panagia by a downhill path.

West of the port of Ai-Yiannis, about 30 minutes' walk, you will find the beach of Agia Sophia. On the opposite coast, you will enjoy the pebbly beach of Alogoporos. Coming from Milina you will see from above the "miracle" of Tzasteni. It is hard to resist the charm of this unique corner of the sea and not dare to take a dip in its delicious waters.